WATCH: Azmyl Yunor Calls Out Malaysian Moral Police in ‘Skodeng Blues’ Music Video

source: Utusan

Malaysian singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor is known for his socially and politically charged music. His latest album, John Bangi Blues, continues in this vein with his latest single, Skodeng Blues, which takes aim at the country’s moral police.

The song’s title references the Malay term for peeping tom which is a nod to the common practice of people constantly policing each others’ behaviors.

Shika | source: SCMP

The music video for “Skodeng Blues” is Azmyl’s second collaboration with LGBTQ artist Shika, who conceptualized the characters as well as filmmaker A-Jun, who directed and edited the video.

The fictional animated video takes place at night in Kuala Lumpur and hints at the frequent incidents of moral policing, both by the state and by self-righteous individuals.

source: The Sun Daily

Azmyl has always found moral policing to be an annoying cultural trend in Malaysia which still persists to this day. Recently, security guards denied entry to women who were allegedly dressed “indecently”, which is but one example of the kind of behavior the song and video takes aim at.

Azmyl’s work as a musician and social commentator continues to challenge societal norms in Malaysia. Through his music, he highlights important issues and sparks conversations that need to happen.

Skodeng Blues is just the latest example of Azmyl’s thought-provoking work, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. In the meantime checkout the music video below:

*Azmyl Yunor’s latest album John Bangi Blues is available now which you can listen to here.