Last Word

#NOSHOTS: Learning to Say Goodbye

WordsManifest’s last words for JUICE. ;_;

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#NOSHOTS: Warning: Labels

Due to his antiquity, WordsManifest is a bit lost on all the new music genres popping up, but he’s still all for labelling.

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#NOSHOTS: Past Music Festivals (…Asia)

In the spirit of FMFA ’13, WordsManifest reminisces about past concerts vis-a-vis the amount of festivals we are having now.

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#NOSHOTS: New Year’s Revolutions

2013 is when WordsManifest will decide to join the Moonshine scene.

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#NOSHOTS: Decadence

JUICE Veteran WordsManifest writes a lovely letter to the decade of decadence that was JUICE’s 10 years.

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#NOSHOTS: Crash, Burn… and Shine

JUICE Photog and Columnist extraordinaire, WordsManifest, offers you a piece of valuable advice; don’t be afraid to fail. Yes, it’s a bit trite, but a maxim nevertheless.

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#NOSHOTS: How to Spot a Straight Dude: A Guide

Our photog and resident columnist WordsManifest subverts the Ministry of Education’s gay symptom guidelines.

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#NOSHOTS: Alive and Let Live

Despite being ancient, having a soul, and completely incapable of relating with the subject of his defence, JUICE’s resident photographer and columnist WordsManifest rebuts that one article everyone in town seems to be talking about.


Digicon6: Attack Of The 50 Foot Killer Showreels

… Or, How Digicon6 Is Opening Tokyo To Asian Mythmaking Text WordsManifest Images WordsManifest & Digicon6 Tokyo is not very easy to write about. There are a multitude of expectations that come with the prospect of venturing into its airspace and city limits; you know the reality on the ground can’t possibly be as mythic as […]

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#Noshots: WordsManifest on Freedom

WordsManifest shares his opinion on Malaysia’s Independence Day.