She Kissed a Girl and We Liked It.

MTV Networks International announced that Katy Perry will host the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards. The event will take place in November 6, 2008 at the Echo Arena, Liverpool. “I was so excited when I heard that I was nominated for two awards, but when I was asked to host the show I wet myself, […]


Out of The Closet Pre-Loved Saleeeeeee!

CLEAN YOUR CLOSETS, CLEAN YOUR MIND & SOUL. Everyone deserves and can afford to look a million bucks without spending a fortune. NOW is time to pay it forward,the charm of that beloved Prada dress you no longer wear so you may make way for that new Fall Gucci top you’ve been eyeing. Mint condition […]



SCREAM, wickedly presented by Mypartners Communications and DSBC Media, is the largest horror-themed outdoor party happening in Kuala Lumpur this October. Plotted to be a night of pure horror and evil fun for all who seek for some harmless yet spine-chilling thrills, SCREAM is where you will witness your worse nightmare resurrect right before your […]


Why Would Someone Do This To Disney?!

[youtube]tCnGL1odDAk[/youtube] This video is a spoof of Beauty and The Beast, dubbed in Cantonese. Basically some Chinese peeps had to dub the original English and remade a totally different storyline through the dub. And boy it’s freakin’ hilarious! It’s abit hard for the non-Cantonese speaking to get it, but if you do you’re sure to […]


Happy Raya People!

Hari Raya has finally arrived for all Malaysians, and to all the Muslims who have been fasting for a month, kudos to you guys! It’s a festive season and we here at JUICE is celebrating it big, let’s hope you guys are too! Have fun eating up a feast and for those who are travelling, […]


Hanging Ten With An Eco Bag

Whether you’re catching waves or catching the lift, the planet is your playground, worthy of appreciation and protection. Quiksilver and Roxy is proud to introduce eco-friendly bags. Made with earth-friendly materials that will flaunt your eco style, not cramp it. Quiksilver’s bags comes in a funky design in black.  The Roxy version comes as a foldable, which […]


Smell like a million bucks!

My 1 million dollar Polaroid shot.   As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Paco Rabanne will be unveiling his new fragrance that was kept a secret to all. Indeed it was a scent to be kept locked, after all it’s a 1 million fragrance! The event, organized by Luxasia at Heritage Mansion along Asian […]


Paco Rabanne!

Paco Rabanne is launching his new fragrance today @ Heritage Mansion and JUICE is invited to the gala! Details about the new scent is still under wraps but after I’m back from the launch, I’d be sure to share the info with you guys! Stay tuned!


Hed Kandi @ Euphoria Contest

Hed Kandi’s gonna perform at Euphoria on September 27th and JUICE is giving you the pleasure of winning some exclusive Hed Kandi merchandise plus a chance to meet DJ Andy Daniels and Lady Victoria who would be performing also. Doesn’t JUICE rock? All you need to do is really simple, firstly is to answer this […]


Arm Candy

Guess Watches paints the world this season with their Arm Candy Collection, that moves to new daring directions that screams sexy paired with colourful hues to boot. With two new names in the range, GUESS has something different to offer. City Lights features over 300 Swarovski crystals highlighting the GUESS name commands attention featuring an […]