Smell like a million bucks!

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My 1 million dollar Polaroid shot.
As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Paco Rabanne will be unveiling his new fragrance that was kept a secret to all. Indeed it was a scent to be kept locked, after all it’s a 1 million fragrance! The event, organized by Luxasia at Heritage Mansion along Asian Heritage Row was a lavish affair, the theme was gold. So, everything in there was pretty much bling bling. We were all treated with cocktails before ushered into the vault for the reveal. Plus, a fun thing for the guests to do was to take an invidividual Polaroid shot at the 1 million wall. Everyone went crazy with the gold and the moolah.

Just look at the design of the bottle, it’s a gold ingot of a perfume. A concotion of blood mandarin, mint, grapefruit, rose and spices inspired by Paco Rabanne’s love for metals, it truly makes men feel like a million bucks accentuating wealth, power, style and class. Oh yea, the model for the 1 million fragrance is Matt Gordon. A budding model from Canadialand, he represents how a guy of a one million stature should be. And to end my story, I shall present you the television ad for 1 million! And my gawddddd Matt Gordon’s hawt!


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