Arm Candy

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Guess Watches paints the world this season with their Arm Candy Collection, that moves to new daring directions that screams sexy paired with colourful hues to boot. With two new names in the range, GUESS has something different to offer.

City Lights features over 300 Swarovski crystals highlighting the GUESS name commands attention featuring an array of bold translucent colours of sapphire blue, amethyst, purple and emerald green. It’s a must have glitzy piece for every wrist.

G Plaque, a new oversized bangle that features a polished stainless G logo’s set in translucent resin. Vibrant colours of amethyst purple and emerald green shine through on this beautifully contoured bracelet design. Only from GUESS, combining modern flair and design.Arm Candy is a sweet temptation to those who wants to express themselves in a bold colourful way. Available at all GUESS boutiques. Go get yourself a piece of candy now!

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