Stereotypical Malay Film Tropes We Hate (& Secretly Love)

Street racing, gangsters and hantus galore!

Pop Culture

The Rise in Popularity of ‘Road Culture’

If ya dun know, now ya know.


The Ultimate Headbanger’s Paradise at Rockaway Festival 2020

Sat, 14th Mar '20 - Sun, 15th Mar '20

12 PM (Saturday) // 11 PM (Sunday)

Car Park B, Stadium Bukit Jalil


Spotify Gets Species-Inclusive with Pets.By.Spotify

Might wanna avoid Pet Sematary by The Ramones.


Akon Is Getting His Own City

I wanna build a city right na na na


Suspicious PPBM Card with White Powder Raises More Questions

Officials way too high they need to cut it