Suspicious PPBM Card with White Powder Raises More Questions

(source: NST – Selangor Bersatu Youth Chief Adhif Syan Abdullah)

With today’s controversy surrounding Bersatu Youth Chief Adhif Syan Abdullah’s arrest, and him allegedly testing positive for drug use, a photo has made rounds on the internet showing a PPBM card smudged and surrounded by some sort of white powder resembling drugs.

Strangely enough, the name of the cardholder was not Abdullah’s but instead belonged to someone by the name of ‘Syamsul Anuar bin Mahadon’. After extensive google searches, no traces of this elusive Mr. Mahadon could be found which begs the question if this person even exists (not even a Linkedin profile, let alone a FB page).

As seen from above, the source of this viral photo circulating the web came from what seems to be an anti-government, Pro-UMNO Facebook page called ‘ASSU’ (short for ANTI Semua Salah UMNO) which questions the validity of this photo. The lack of any search results for this Mahadon character also adds to the doubt.

In the Facebook post, the author claims that the card was used to cut drugs and was found in the raid at the Damansara, PJ entertainment outlet that happened early this morning in which Adhif was detained. The author also claimed that the name of the PPBM member on the card, according to social media buzz, is that of a Special Officer under Youth & Sports Minister Syed Saddiq.

While we shouldn’t completely dismiss this as fake news because other officers were arrested alongside Adhif (17 arrests in total; 11 government servants with 6 other women), it is important to take what we read online with a gram.. I mean grain of salt. Let us wait for an official report from the powers that be and until then, this has been a friendly reminder to check the validity of news stories and their sources.