Johnnie Walker: Stepping Inside the Psyche of the Ambassadors

Look into the world of two young men who are fit to be ambassadors of Johnnie Walker as their own personal stories further complement the story behind the multinational brand.


LISTEN: Lykke Li’s ‘No Rest For the Wicked’

If Lykke Li’s new songs off her upcoming LP I Never Learn so far are anything to go by, the Swedish songstress has completely eschewed the oddball Scandinavian pop sounds associated with her.


Dia Frampton: That Young Veteran

JUICE meets TV’s latest indie pop princess, Dia Frampton, and find her refreshingly so down-to-earth.


Art:Tech Summons Digital Daemons

If we’re talking design, you can’t explore the relationship between art and technology without looking into Art:Tech. Hell, it’s in his name.


Mulo Incites a Robot Riot

Mulo who is based in Johor Bahru is most known for his manga-styled illustrations with a vivid burst of colours, occasionaly adding some local flair to it. Sometimes you see nusantara warriors and kapcai bikes appearing in his illustrations.


Get Chivalrous at FMFA2014!

Are you ready for the region’s most anticipated music event of the year? Be part of the ChivalryStyle movement and enjoy special privileges at FMFA2014.


LISTEN: Converse’s Three Artistes, One Song pres. ‘Hero’

Converse’s latest addition to Three Artistes, One Song series features Diplo, Frank Ocean, and the Clash.


The National: … And So He Spoke

JUICE had a chat with The National’s Matt Berninger on his melancholic disposition, starting a band way into your 30s, and the most terrifying man on television.


East India Youth: Total Strife Forever

A debut album that bursts with beauty and boldness that will keep strife away forever.