VIDEO: Wild Moccasins’ ‘Eye Makeup’

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wild moccasins

Seemingly influenced by John Waters who long championed the perverse personalities of the underground, the video is filled with the same sort that’ll be easily featured in a lite version of the Pope of Filth’s flicks. The video tells two stories; the central story of Wild Moccasins’ Zahira Gutierrez starring as the go-go dancing ragamuffin who dreads her aimless job/life, along with the many observational accounts of the patrons of a drag show, some of whom the rest of the band are cast members of. The song sounds like an amalgamation of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ and The Cardigans, resulting in a whimsy new wave pop track that’s tainted with betrayal and disappointment. The titular subject, ‘eye makeup’ is worn in gold glitter across Gutierrez’s large eyes but also as she explained, “It’s about being rejected by people if you decide to not wear a mask that day.” She fends off the Divine-esque star of the show and proceeds to strip herself off her eye makeup, in every intended sense.

Watch it below:

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