LISTEN: George Maple’s ‘Vacant Space’

Source: Interview Magazine

The same girl who brought us the slavishly addictive ‘Talk Talk‘ that we couldn’t stop raving about is back with a moody bouncer in ‘Vacant Space’, the title track of her debut EP. Her vocals are slathered in overwhelming reverb for the entirety of the track, there isn’t much of a hook, and it doesn’t display the fervent pop sensibilities that were showcased in her initial offerings with Flume, and by herself. It starts off decently enough, but it slithers away from her grasp towards the end of the songs — maybe it’s just not our cup of tea. It’s truly a pity, because she’s got some stunning pipes on her.

We’ll wait till the EP comes out before passing our final judgments.

George Maple’s Vacant Space is coming out via Future Classic on Monday 1 December ’14 here