Sounds: Booka Shade: DJ-Kicks (!K7)

Text Alif Omar Bringing on their trademark tech-house sound, German veterans Booka Shade finally get a shot at the DJ-Kicks series. The unexpected mix of obscure material that ranges from dance classics such as Yazoo’s ‘Situation’ to John Carpenter’s movie score reflects the pair’s crate digging talents.


The Mitchell Brothers: Dressed For The Occasion (The Beats)

The Mitchell duo get serious


Sounds: Soulwax: Most of The Remixes (Parlophone)

Text Alif Omar Not many can bastardise pop as well as Soulwax and this 2 CD opus is no exception – take Sugababes’ ‘Round Round’ for example. Eschewing the standard protocol of modifying rock songs into pop-dance, here they’ve turned that bright idea on its head and made Sugababes an all-girls indie band.


DJ Vadim: The Soundcatcher Extras (BBE)

Text Alif Omar If the album’s name sounds familiar to you, that’s because you probably already bought it last year. The Soundcatcher Extras is Vadim’s supplementary material to the album of the same name, hence ‘extras’. But unlike most re-releases, this one is actually worth the dough.


David Gilmour Girls: Vultures (Pinnacle)

Picking the meat off the dance floor


The Killers: Sawdust (Universal)

Sawdust gets in your eyes


Jay-Z: American Gangster (Universal)

The ghetto Donald Trump


Trojan Records

Sunny Jamaican music… jah man


The Wombats

Lead single ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ off their debut A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation has since catapulted this distinctly non-Aussie, non-furry band to fame