1st Anniversary @ Bar Celona

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Bar Celona Club proved that it was still the meanest nightspot this side of the state divide. Brought to you by the same party people behind Supperclub, JUICE along with 2000 other party-goers were welcomed to the 1st anniversary celebrations with a Mardi Gras in full swing. Rammed to the rafters, revelers had started to appear as early as 7pm even though doors were only due to swing open at 9pm! But hey, that’s what happens when there’s food and free flow. Amidst the fire-eaters, stilt-jesters and dancers, platters of all kinds were served up on the buffet line by the Bar Celona Club chefs, while the bar kept drinks (and smiles) topped up.

Musically, Bar Celona’s finest took a load from the 90s with DJs Jeff, Devan and Renegade dishing out a seductive soul, r ‘n’ b and hip hop selection dubbed Baltimore Groove. Luscious lay-deez took to the podiums and dancers scaled the bartops. At midnight, the management team was urged onstage to cut cake and be on the receiving end of that birthday serenade. Still, how many times do you get to celebrate your first anniversary? Like, once? It was quite a show, but since it was a weekday and the suits that sign the check would be waiting for us the next morning we reluctantly headed back leaving Bar Celona to its partying – long may it reign. J

Bar Celona in Bandar Sunway blew out a candle on 17 December 2008. Keep up with the latest happenings at www.barcelonakl.com.

Image fotoworX