Are You An Animal Lover? Zoo Negara Needs Volunteers to Feed The Animals & Clean Cages

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Zoo Negara Reportedly Does Not Have Money For Upgrading Works | News | Rojak Daily
source: Rojak Daily

Zoo Negara has been hit drastically by the pandemic. What was once a thriving destination spot for tourists and locals alike has turned into an empty and quiet shell of what it used to be.

As soon as Malaysians received word of Zoo Negara’s plight, many came to the rescue. With Ebit Lew’s generous donation and the Malaysian Reddit community’s solidarity, Zoo Negara knows that it still has a place in our hearts.

However, the lockdown has been unceasingly difficult and with MCO 3.0 being dragged out yet again, Zoo Negara needs help in the form of extra hands.

Due to the shortage of staff, Zoo Negara is seeking help from Rescue Bencana Malaysia and calling for animal lovers who wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty with the animals.

The zoo is need of people to feed the animals as well as clean their cages. Every volunteer will be given permission to leave their homes and contribute to the sustainment of the zoo.

Learning about the dire conditions of our animals at Zoo Negara dims everyone’s day and right now, we could all use a little brightening and cheering up.

If you’re available and would like to help out, contact Rescue Bencana Malaysia at these hotlines now:

  • 019-3469800
  • 017-2442466
  • 017-8466574
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