M’sian Reddit Users Raise Funds For Charity & Adopt 3 Primates, A Tapir & A Tiger From Zoo Negara

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Reddit may be one of the more untapped and intimidating social media platforms in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean the platform lacks a strong community.

In fact, the users on subreddit r/malaysia have successfully raised money for charity and even adopted several animals from Zoo Negara.

For the uninitiated, Zoo Negara was terribly affected by the MCO which led them to use emergency funds in order to cover operating costs. Furthermore, the zoo even pleaded the community to adopt an animal as a way to donate to the organisation.

Recognising this desperation, preacher Ebit Lew paid the zoo a visit along with food donations.

So, to those who have been observing and keeping up with Zoo Negara, it’s no secret that they’ve been struggling amidst the pandemic. With that, Malaysian Reddit users decided to jump to the rescue.

What started off as a joke within the subreddit turned into a wholesome chain of generosity when a user decided to match every downvote (dislike) into a RM1 donation to Hati Malaysia. From there, more threads began popping up and the subreddit has amassed RM1,650 in donations to several different charities.

Other than donating to charity, the subreddit users endearingly call each other monyet which led to the adoption of 3 primates from Zoo Negara. Now, they have added more monyets into their tight-knit clan.

Take a look:

Not stopping there, two other Reddit users adopted a Tapir and a Malayan Tiger to add to the family as well.

Here they are:

I guess beneath that hard and scary exterior, Reddit users are actually softies after all…