“Is That Your Maid?”: Anna Jobling Speaks Up Against Netizens Who Ridiculed Her Mother’s Appearance

In a world that prioritises aesthetic value and constantly pushes Eurocentric beauty standards, it’s no surprise that mindless, appearance-related remarks are often passed with minimal regard- particularly on social media.

A recent instance aroused the anger of local actress Anna Jobling, who was born to a British father and Malaysian mother, as she was faced with mean comments left under a TikTok post with a series of images showing Anna posing next to her mother.

@bobbaskyy2 mother is everything #annajobling ♬ THE SHADE – Rex Orange County

A substantial amount of netizens quipped that Anna’s mother looked more like her maid, and voiced disbelief that “a woman like that could marry such a handsome man.”

Some even went so far as to say she must have been adopted.

In response to that, Anna remarked in an interview with Xtra, “Why would you treat someone’s mother with such disrespect? You disrespected my family. If you dislike me, just tell me directly; don’t bring my family into the conversation; they are not upsetting anyone.

“Thank God my mom is a strong woman and she doesn’t care about all of it. I informed her about it, though.

@xtra_my Panas! 🔥💥 Pelakon wanita mana yang tak senang dengan Anna ni? Dengki ke? #fyp #xtramy #annajobling #meerqeen #meernaa #dengki #tontonmy #beritaditiktok #sembangentertainment ♬ original sound – XTRA

“I suppose maybe because I’m a public figure, they think they have the right to comment on everything about me, but why would you include my family when you could just comment on my job, drama, acting, and theatre?” she said, adding that the most important thing for her is staying positive, and she does not want to be burdened by the matter any longer.

“And you know what, these netizens have mouths, they can say whatever they want,” she remarked as she thanked the fans who defended her mother and spoke against the rude remarks.

All in all, it’s safe to say that being a celebrity is not exactly a bed of roses…