WATCH: Local Girl Throws a Tantrum After She Was Denied Access To Enter a Mall Without a Mask

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Although it was just yesterday that Senior Minister (Security) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob had reminded Malaysians that the MCO is still in force, some folks are already done with the whole SOP thingy like this girl, who caused a scene in a popular furniture store after a security guard had prevented her from entering the premises without a mask.

The girl (nicknamed “Ceknon” in the vid) had caught the attention of netizens when her obnoxious behaviour – unnecessarily swearing at a guard – was caught on video by her sister.

We’ve compiled some of the more colourful lines from her outburst here (and no, we’re not going to translate it for you):

“Aku sepak karang, sepatutnya sediakan mask. Ada budak kecil tak pakai mask, kenapa dia lepas. Tak guna kau orang ni si*l.”

“Ni IKEA tau, bukan kedai RM2. Tapi nak kena keluar balik pergi beli mask PKP dah habislah bod*h. Lainlah kalau adik aku demam.”

“Nak bagi masuk ke tak? Kim*klah kau! Kau boleh suruh aku keluar cari mask?”


Well, you get the idea…

After the whole commotion, Ceknon managed to enter the mall with her younger sister after they were given free masks from the public.

“Beli mask, bawa mask tak perlu. Orang bagi free je sebab Cek Non marah orang,” said her sister when they were walking around the mall.

Following the viral video, an explanation about the whole incident was also given on Ceknon’s sister’s Instagram story – where she claims that she did not bring a mask as they were going to IKEA which is a shopping place for the rich, so masks should be sold before entering.

(Source : @naimazharrr on Twitter)

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