These People Found Their Doppelgängers in the Museum and the Results Are Pretty Hilarious

Ever find yourself saying something or walking down an unfamiliar street and suddenly feeling like you have already said the exact words, and went down the exact road before, except you haven’t? That sense of déjà vu, I’m sure we’ve all experienced it once or twice before.

But have you ever wondered if there is in fact another you, in another realm, who has in fact done or experienced the same things you have, except in an alternate universe? What a concept.

Now, although that theory is pretty much impossible, isn’t it somewhat cool to imagine that you have a doppelgänger who looks, talks, and walks exactly like you? For these people however, they managed to find their doppelgängers in the weirdest of places—the museum.

Check out these photos of people finding their doppelgängers in the museum:


2. It’s the beard.

3. This is creepy…

4. Just casually posing with me, myself, and I here.

5. No amount of staring will change the fact that y’all look the same, bruh

6. “We look fineeeeeeee”

7. Me and my babes.

8. We are both unamused.

9. Oh my, so round, so alike.

10. They leaked my nudes.

11. Oh, hello there.

12. Well, they both look like they’ve not slept a wink for ages.

13. I see no difference.

14. Like…how?

15. Spot the difference (also, holy crap, is that Weird Al?!).

Time to take a trip to the museum someday soon, you never know, you might just find your face there hanging on the walls.