Aliff Syukri’s Raya Song Teaser Sparks Backlash Over Skintight Baju Melayu “Resembling Scuba Gear”

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source: mStar

Is it even Raya season in Malaysia if Aliff Syukri doesn’t stir some sort of flak?

The controversial Malaysian singer and entrepreneur recently published a teaser of his music video for this year’s Raya celebration via his Instagram page. Alongside male dancers sporting sampins and tight skinsuits, Aliff is seen crooning and dancing in the clip.

Watch it here:

Aliff said in the video’s caption, “Give way to the Raya tunes that have been popular for four years running. Cak cun cak Raya. I hope this music brings joy to all of you as you embrace the occasion. From Malaysia’s number 1 artist.”

The video has since gone viral and gained substantial infamy due to netizens who were taken aback and somewhat offended by the teaser.

Several users mocked the attire and likened them to scuba diving gear, while many chastised Aliff for disrespecting the baju melayu and the holy month of Ramadan. Some even went so far as to say it seemed that he would be spending his Raya day at Sunway Lagoon.

Others, including musicians and his own mother, even pushed him to entirely discontinue making music.

source: Malay Mail

Just last year, the local influencer found himself in hot water over a Raya-themed music video featuring a group of effeminate male dancers, some sporting makeup. The song, titled Kelepok Raya, was referred to the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) with Religious Affairs minster Datuk Idris Ahmad saying Aliff’s behaviour was immoral and not in line with Islamic teachings.

Netizens also opposed the video, claiming that it was disparaging the image of Islam within the country. In October, Aliff pleaded not guilty at the Sepang Court, to four charges of uploading objectionable content to his social media profile pertaining to the aforementioned Raya video.

Will he get into legal trouble again this year? We’ll have to wait and see.