AirAsia Implements COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Passengers

Source: Reuters/ AirAsia via New Straits Times

In this post-pandemic world, there were always going to be trade-offs to getting back to business, with the term ‘new normal’ being thrown around more than a politician’s resignation letter.

Effectively, what this means is that companies have to make allowances for COVID-19 in their business model, and to ensure all reasonable measures have been taken to keep their customers safe.

For budget airline AirAsia, they have made the wearing of a face mask mandatory since the start of the pandemic. Today, 6 October, they have gone one step further, by mandating that all of their passengers be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Sign of the times. (source: AirAsia)

A nationwide vaccine mandate is not currently in place in Malaysia, with receiving the vaccine being made voluntary – a bid to assuage skeptics. However, businesses have to make decisions that can ensure their continued operations, with the airline industry being particularly vulnerable to outbreaks or ‘clusters’.

In a travel advisory posted on their website, AirAsia lists the rules as such:

  • All adult passengers must be fully vaccinated and not exhibiting any flu-like symptoms.
  • Travellers who are under-18 who are unvaccinated/partially-vaccinated must be accompanied by fully-vaccinated parents or relatives.
  • Check-in is now to be made via their proprietary app called the ‘AirAsia Super App’, which streamlines airport clearance and boarding paperwork.
  • Passengers must be eligible to travel, subject to prevailing conditions at their destination.
Local tourists arriving at Langkawi international airport on the first day of the travel bubble. (source: Reuters)

If you didn’t know before, now you do. You’re welcome. As for this JUICE writer, I’ll be posted up at some beach very soon. Adhering to travel SOPs, of course.