Bersatu Leader Hands In Resignation Letter For Using Racial Slurs Against National Shuttler Kisona

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Source: The Star

We’d like to think that derogatory terms and racial slurs have been disbarred from everyday conversations, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case for this Bersatu leader.

A Pasir Puteh Bersatu vice chairperson in Kelantan has been confirmed to have used a racial slur against national shuttler S Kisona, and has submitted his resignation letter.

The Bersatu leader had questioned the nationality of Kisona and used a racial slur in a Facebook post when commenting on her performance at the Sudirman Cup mixed team championships in Finland.

The Facebook post under the name “Borhan Che Rahim”, used the k-word, a derogatory term used towards Indians.

Source: FMT

MIC Youth secretary, Andrew David, lodged a police report on the matter and called for action.

“The racist and hateful remarks undermines efforts to unite the people through sports,” he said.

Badminton Association Malaysia (BAM) also issued a statement saying they had “zero tolerance of any form of racism or discrimination” and would “always stand up for our players”.

Source: Malaysiapost

Transport minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong also expressed his sadness and disappointment that some Malaysians were still resorting to using racial slurs on other Malaysians.

“It is especially alarming to see such remarks coming from a politician. Making such disgusting remarks against a national athlete who is going all out for Malaysia displays ignorance and a very poor attitude.”

“There is no place at all for disrespect and disparagement of anyone’s ethnic background and religious beliefs. The whole notion of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ is to be inclusive and respectful of each other’s backgrounds,” he said in a Facebook post.

Source: Malay Mail

Youth and sports minister, Faizal Azumu told Malaysiakini that “[the Bersatu leader] will also be making a public apology.”

“I am disappointed with what had happened and hope all Malaysians will be careful with their actions so that they do not damage the harmony of the Malaysian family.”

Kisona is fully deserving of praise for her efforts with the badminton team, as the team had just celebrated bringing Malaysia back to the Sudirman Cup semi-finals for the first time in 12 years.

How can we hope for a better Malaysia when it is the people in high positions of power and authority who are the ones still making racist remarks?

JUICE stands together with Kisona and hopes to see our nation address its deeply-rooted racism with moral courage.

#StandwithKisona #NoRacismInSport

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