Against Lab & 3.In.One Launch Tasty ‘Rakan’ Collection To Pay Homage To Ramly Burgers

(Source: Against Lab)

Are you even Malaysian if you haven’t tried a Ramly Burger? Exactly, that burger has been a staple meal for all Malaysians regardless of the situation.

Paying homage to our favourite roadside street food, Against Lab and 3.IN.ONE have collaborated to launch their cheerful and locally-flavoured ‘Rakan’ capsule collection.

As we all know, Rakan means ‘friend’ in Bahasa Malaysia, thus the tagline ‘Pastikan Rakan Baru Beli’ is a play on words that translates to ‘If it’s your friend, buy it.”

The burger stall is a metaphor for that friend who’s always there for you and just around the corner.


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The capsule collection features some very colourful and relatable graphic t-shirts that depict the ways of how the famous street burger is ordered.

A famous line that’s always been said when ordering this famous street burger is “Double Special” which is printed on the t-shirt. Another t-shirt that highlights the etiquette of eating the burger, where most times people would not use a tissue but their shirts to wipe their mouth is called “The Smear tee”.

(Source: Against Lab)

Other than that, the collection also features “The Wrap button up tee”, which symbolises the famous covers that roadside vendors use to wrap the burgers and lastly “The Burger pack” tee, featuring the famous packaging of the Ramly, but this time the Rakan burger.

(Source: Against Lab)

The collection is now available on the Against Lab website.