Pontianak Sighted on Movie Set

Fazura in the set of “The Legend of Pontianak” (source: Malay Mail)

As reported by Malay Mail, actress Fazura, who is playing the lead role in upcoming horror movie The Legend Of Pontianak, claimed she saw a real pontianak while shooting the film. The female vampire was wearing the exact same clothes like the actress too.

The sighting happened while the recently pregnant Fazura and other crew members were on break and enjoying their food. She got spooked with the whole situation that occurred at the movie set located in Hulu Langat, Selangor.

“I was eating with the other crew members and telling them a horror story. One of the crew told me to look behind, and I saw it with my own two eyes – a woman in a white kebaya, similar to what I was wearing. Her hair was long and covered the face, but she was definitely facing me,” said Fazura.

She also stated that this was her first encounter with a supernatural being. Her co-star Remy Ishak also claimed he was “disturbed” by the pontianak while on location.

Remy Ishak (source: UtaraNews)

“It was really scary. When I was filming, I had some sightings, but I tried to ignore it,” he said.

In fact, the sighting got so bad that actor Remy Isyak tweeted how he is “fed-up” with all the scary encounters that happened throughout shooting this film.

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