E!’s Famous Asian Reality-TV Family, The Gutierrez, Sexually Harassed at Malaysian Water Park

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What seemed like a sweet and fun getaway for Filipino Reality TV stars, Ruffa Gutierrez and her daughters at a popular water-theme park here in Malaysia quickly turned into a traumatising incident as the girls were harassed by a group of local men.


For the past few days, the water park’s safe and family-friendly reputation has been under scrutiny when Ruffa Gutierrez shared her terrible experience to her 1.2 million followers on Instagram of her time at the wet park when her two daughters, Lorin Gabriella, 15 dan Venice Bektas, 14 were photographed and blown creepy kisses by a group of men at the park.

Ruffa later shared her shock on her IG story, revealing that her daughters cried and were literally harassed after their park ride.


What’s worse? As the family tried to maintain their dignity and patience, walking away from the situation, these group of men followed them from behind and unashamedly tried to attack one of the girls.

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They immediately reported this incident to the management and security team and requested escorts to their car as they felt unsafe. In addition to this disgusting behaviour, these men even had the audacity to pose right for Ruffa’s camera when she called them out on social media.

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She later tweeted,

Theme parks like @SunwayLagoonMY should not let creepy men inside their establishments!! 😡😠 theme parks should be a safe place for children and families to enjoy their holiday!

— Ruffa Gutierrez (@iloveruffag) February 15, 2018

Following this incident, the management directly took matters onto their own hands on the following day and released an official statement regarding the incident.

“In response to a recent incident experienced by Ms Ruffa Gutierrez and her guests at Sunway Lagoon, the management would like to state that Sunway Lagoon has looked into this matter seriously and have also been closely in touch with Ms Gutierrez to help in this matter.

Sunway Lagoon is a family-fun theme park and our guests’ safety has always been our utmost priority, hence any unruly behaviour in the park will certainly not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

Sunway Lagoon will provide relevant updates to relevant parties and assist in any media inquiries on this matter.”

Ruffa Gutierrez also shared her positive feedback regarding the diligence of the management in handling the issue promptly on both her Instagram and Twitter.

[UPDATE: 22/02/2018]

It’s never OK to photograph (without permission) or catcall girls in general when they are out and about in public places. It’s disgusting, and downright rude to invade in someone’s privacy that way, and it terribly reflects the mindset and values that are apparent in our society.