A Mysterious 3KM-Long Oil Spill at Port Dickson Beach is Being Investigated

source: WOB

Popular vacation spot, Port Dickson has been polluted with a mysterious 3km-long oil spill.

According to NST, the Department of Environment (DoE) are currently investigating the incident to uncover the reason for the spill at Pantai Cermin, Batu 10, which is three kilometres off the coast. The pollution was first discovered due to a Facebook video that went viral yesterday (October 13).

State Health, Environment, Cooperatives and Consumerism Committee chairman, S. Veerapan, said oil samples have been taken and will be sent to the Department of Chemistry to determine the cause of the spill. Veerapan told reporters,

“We still do not know the cause of the oil spill. However, we suspect it could be from the engine of a vessel.”

At the moment, the public has been advised not to visit the beach until the process of cleaning it up has been completed.

Prior to this incident, a diesel spill had happened near SMK Kg Gelam.

We truly hope they find the source to prevent anymore pollution from happening at such a beautiful beach.