A M’sian Was Scammed on a Fake Maybank2U Site, Here’s How To Spot It So You Won’t Get Scammed Too

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source: LiveatPC.com

Yesterday, a Malaysian spotted a fake Maybank website that looks exactly like the original. Unfortunately, he had to learned it was fake by getting scammed, Technave reported.

In a Facebook post, he explained that he went to Google and searched for Maybank and without realising it, he clicked on the first link on the page.

The fake Maybank website is https://campaignmay2u.com/ with an identical user interface as the original, except for the font choice, size and missing trademarks. Once he entered the password, he received an SMS asking for his TAC number and he just followed it.

source: Technave

However, it was too late and he lost a majority of the transaction on Lazada. His Maybank app couldn’t be accessed as well and he was advised by the company to block his Maybank2u and bank card.

Police are investigating the issue since there have been many reports about it.

To avoid this yourself, the correct Maybank website is www.maybank2u.com.my and it will never ask for your TAC number. This will only happen when you use the M2U or MAE application.

It may seem like a small error made by the victim, but if you have old folks who aren’t too savvy with the internet, sharing this article with them could be helpful.