A Man Sexually Harassed Another Man By Forcefully Kissing Him

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(source: Twitter)

Sexual harassment is a common, vile thing many women go through. The trauma that comes with it usually take years to resolve and sometimes, sadly, victims have to just learn how to live with it. It’s a serious case and requires serious attention.

In some cases, victims might be scared and shamed so it’s left unreported. But sexual harassment isn’t exclusive to women, and it does happen to men.

It’s rarely reported of course, because when a guy gets sexually harassed, other men tend to think that you need to man-up and stop crying about it, even though another person just grabbed your balls without permission.

On Twitter, user @_.iqmal posted a video that went viral, showcasing a  large man pinning down a smaller man and forcefully trying to kiss him against a wall.

The victim appears to be a security guard. As you can see in the video, he tried to push the other man away several times and when it’s finally over and the large man backs away, we can see him tearing up.

But the question is… Why the heck didn’t anyone intervene?!

(source: Twitter)
(source: Twitter)

While some (and we mean two people) took the issue seriously, most of the replies in the Twitter thread are sh*te, saying that he acted “like a girl for tearing up”. Classic victim blaming.

That’s exactly the problem why. Victims feel hesitant to come out and report because people would rather make fun of a guy being groped in the balls or a girl being spanked in the butt than feeling sorry for them.

If we want sexual harassment to stop and bring these people to justice, we need to step up, be more open to listen and emphatise with these stories.

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