A Gang of Hot Guys Are Scamming Women In Johor

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As reported by The Star, a group of Casanovas in Johor Bahru has been using their smooth-talking charms in luring and duping women in a scratch-and-win scam at several malls statewide. These dashing young men had successfully duped women for money in the range between several thousand and about RM45,000 each.

A number of police reports have been lodged in Kulaijaya, Johor Baru South, Kluang and Iskandar Puteri. The victims in all the cases, who are in their twenties, were conned by a team consisting of four men and a woman, also believed to be in their twenties.

Instead of targeting foreigners like most scratch-and-win gangs, their go to targets are locals. According to sources, the gang worked as a team and everyone played a different role to convince the victims to give away their life savings.

In one reported case, a woman who was shopping in a mall in Kulai was approached by two good-looking men who wanted to interview her for a promotion. They then proceeded to tell her that she had won a huge sum of money in a lucky draw.

“At this juncture, another handsome man joined in and told her all this was genuine but in order to make the prize money bigger and better, she had to make a small investment,” she said, adding that the three managed to get her to withdraw at least RM45,000 from her account. Soon after, the men disappeared with the money when she went to the toilet.

In another case, a woman who also was shopping at a mall was approached by a boyish and good-looking man and woman who said that they were carrying out a survey about “happening malls” in Johor.

“I thought it was just an innocent chat while waiting for a friend. They then told me that I could win lucrative prices in a lucky draw. Initially, I was not interested but somehow they managed to talk me into participating. Then, they said that I had to place a refundable security deposit for the items as a surety,” she continued.

“I declined but I do not know what came over me. In the end, I lost more than RM10,000. My advice to people is to never entertain anyone. These people are professionals. They are very convincing.”

She said she felt embarrassed about the incident but decided to lodge a police report to ensure others to not fall prey for these scams.

A police official also advised the public to not fall for these tempting scratch-and-win scams, which promises lucrative prizes in lucky draws. Since this group of men is still on the loose, those with information are urged to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999.

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