Customer Discovers 6-Foot Python Inside Washing Machine At Launderette In Johor

source: Twitter

You may expect to find lint, receipts and maybe even spare change inside a washing machine at a public launderette, but picture the shock experienced by this customer when they discovered a six-foot long python instead.

This novel instance took place on Saturday (October 1) at Johor Bahru.

Thankfully, the customer was quick to call the Fire Department for help.

According to the Larkin Fire and Rescue station, three firemen had quickly arrived at the Taman Impian Emas location where the incident occurred.

source: Twitter

As per chief Suhaimi Mohd Jamal, “The python was not dangerous and was successfully captured in five minutes using a snare.”

He claims that the snake was later released at a location far from public residences.