5 y/o Boy Trying to Drive to California to Buy a Lamborghini Caught by Cop

(source: Complex)

An American highway patrol trooper made one of the most unique traffic stops of his career yesterday.

According to Fox News, Trooper Rick Morgan caught a 5-year-old boy driving his parents’ car on a highway in Utah – apparently, the small boy was on the way to California to buy a Lamborghini. If you’re not American, that’s roughly an 11-hour journey!

(source: Business Insider)

Morgan was watching for speeding drivers at first but suddenly noticed a slow-moving SUV swerving in between lanes. The car was moving so erratically he thought the driver was suffering a medical emergency and immediately pulled the car over.

When Morgan walked to the driver’s side window he was shocked to find a 5-year old boy who looked like he was about to cry.

“When I got to the window and the window came down, I wasn’t quite sure what to think… It was pretty clear that it was a young, very underage driver,” Morgan told Fox News.

The policeman then got him to turn off the engine and was told by the child that he left home after an argument with his mom, in which she refused to buy him a Lambo – so he decided to go get one himself.

“He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet,” the state police shared on Twitter.

The child was eventually reunited with his parents after learning an important life lesson.

“It likely would have been much worse had he gone much further. He was sitting on the front edge of his seat so he could reach the brake pedal,” Morgan said.

The state police have also confirmed that the boy is indeed 5 years old, though the angle at which the photo posted on UHP’s Twitter was taken may have made him look older.

Check out the dash-cam incident footage here:

Guess Hot Wheels just didn’t cut it for this young one!

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