5 Underrated Apps That Make You Look Like You Have Your Life Together

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Imagine a situation where you’re demanded by friends or significant other to just, “Hurry up and pick a movie!” or “Please, for the love of God, where do you want to eat?” and that bead of sweat runs down your temple while you contemplate to the highest of your mental capability the best option for the occasion.

(visual representation of your friends giving up on you)

Instead of potentially breaking your brain at the expense of a date, here are apps that can aid in the decision making process hence making you look like a strong, decisive figure in your friendship/relationship when really you got this app recommendation from JUICE. You’re welcome…

1. Letterboxd

source: news.letterboxd.com

It is a millennial calamity when all your friends are gathered in one room, tucked in soft blankets and equipped with bowls of popcorn but nobody seems to be able to decide on which damn movie to watch. Skip all that idle arguing and swoop in to the rescue with Letterboxd. 

Letterboxd is a social platform for cinephiles and that emo dude in your class that always wears a beanie and talks only when someone mentions Lars Von Trier. Essentially, users can log all the movies that they have seen and find lists of movies that are similar to the ones they enjoy. The names of the lists range from your typical “Best of [genre/year]” to more… specific categories like ‘how gay steve is’ as illustrated below.


This app has helped me time and time again to not only keep track of all the movies I have seen (because I’m a raging nerd that needs to document my film journey) but to also recommend great picks to my friends whenever they ask for a movie suggestion. No more searching through the dusty corners of your subconscious, just pull out your phone, open the app and find the perfect movie for the occasion.

To all the softboys, this app is impeccable at impressing girls with your diverse and obscure knowledge of film so add it to your arsenal!

Letterboxd is available on App Store and Play Store.

2. Tiny Decisions

This app is simple in its premise but an absolute Godsend when it comes to having to make a fast decision. The app, Tiny Decisions, is literally a randomised wheel that you spin with options that you are interested in for various types of events. As pictured above, it can determine where you want to travel and eat, what kind of workout you want to do or even decide whether or not you should text that cute boy/girl you like.

It may seem frivolous but trust me, the time you’ll save from not being indecisive about where to eat will add up to a more productive you–a you who isn’t screamed at by your equally indecisive friends prior to a mealtime. Plus, it might even land you a date. All you gotta do is take the decision as final because it would be pointless if you’re sat there spinning and spinning for hours on end which would definitely cause more aggravation from your peers.

All in all, the simplest of apps sometimes work the finest. Steve Jobs said it best with, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Tiny Decisions is available on the App Store and Play Store.

3. AroundMe

source: millionmilesecrets.com

From searching for petrol stations in the dead of the night to finding a great, available lunch spot during peak hour, AroundMe, is integral in finding your destination as quick as possible. Not only does it give you an extensive list of places to go, it also shows you its location via Google Maps so you can immediately navigate your journey. Additionally, the app has a rating system where users can rate the locations in order to help other users determine if its worth visiting.

Due to its extreme convenience, you’ll never be lost or bored again! Thanks technology…

AroundMe is available at App Store and Google Play.

4. Evernote

source: evernote.com

For anyone that has ever had to email a pdf in short notice, this app is a life saver. Simply take a photo with your phone of the document you want to convert into pdf and the document will be ready to email instantly. Other than that, minimalistic to-do lists and templates are readily available in the app which saves time when you’re busy completing the tasks you’ve been procrastinating for the past three weeks.

As for illustrators who want to convert their drawings to digital illustrations, Evernote is a useful app that can perform that task without the need to turn on your laptop. So, the next time you find yourself in this predicament, be sure to thank me for making your life infinitely easier.

Evernote is available in App Store and Play Store. 

All my recommendations so far have been helpful in preventing any screaming or arguing between you and your friends/colleagues but what about you? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about your health and well-being because I care about you, reader. It’s 2019 and we are all on the road to clearer and glow-ier skin which is why the next recommendation is solely for you.

Instead of pouring your heart, soul and chakras into your 25-step skincare routine, maybe try this app?

5. Plant Nanny

source: Business Insider

This cute little succulent that’s living in your phone is a daily reminder for you to drink water. For each time you gulp down a glass of that clear, fresh acqua, you get to water your plant which you can name if you’d like (I named mine ‘Motivation to live’ because it always needs watering 😞).

All those annoying influencers who always claim their skincare routine is just ‘drinking water’ are partially right because water is essential in clearing your skin (which we’re all obsessed with nowadays) and giving you that satisfying crystal-clear pee (I know you look in your toilet bowl after you’ve done your business, don’t lie).

It’s important to take time out of your life to just look at a cute plant and drink some water. Let’s make self-care a pleasure that we don’t feel guilty for indulging in.

(your phone after downloading all this fire apps 🔥)

To all the baby boomers who are constantly mocking us for being on our phones all the time, who’s laughing now? Definitely not you when you’re running to us ‘useless’ millennials and Gen Z to help you get out of your petty problems. Go back to the stone age and bring your fax machine with you! (Ed’s note: I still have a fax machine).

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