8 Apps Malaysian Students Need In Their Life

When we were younger, our parents had everything laid out for us. They woke us up for school, fussed over our homework, made sure we were fed, and organised our everyday schedule, and gave us lunch money. But all that stopped when we got into high school, from there on, it was all me, myself, and I — high school and college are periods of ever-growing responsibilities for students.

Now that you’re learning to be independent, everything is on you, which can be really intimidating. But that’s alright, JUICE got your back.

Here are 8 must have applications that are complete lifesavers for students:

1. Evernote

This is an amazing app for people who need to learn to keep their life a tad organised. Evernote is a note-taking app that is available on both Apple and Android. Millions of people love this app thanks to its capability to capture all kinds of information, from simple text notes to photos, voice recordings, or information about sites you’ve visited. This could be really useful especially for college and university students out there who are keeping up with their coursework and schedules.

2. Grab/UBER

We all know what Grab and UBER is, but we don’t appreciate the apps enough. Parents unable to give you a lift? Rushing to class? Avoiding rain? If you’re in college, flat-out drunk and unable to drive home? Or you just don’t want to drive? Grab and UBER will be your ultimate life-saver when it comes situations like these.

3. CamScanner

You’re a student, you probably don’t have a scanner. Well, that’s not a problem because CamScanner could help you scan your documents with the tap of a finger. All you need is the app, and you can scan documents anywhere you go. Just snap a photo of the document, and the app will immediately turn the document into a PDF file. You can save the document and share it with your friends or email it to your teacher/lecturer.

4. Foodpanda/Deliveroo/UberEATS/DahMakan

Students living in dorms, listen up! These apps are absolute lifesavers. Staying in dorms can get real irritating after a while, since the food choices are really limited. You have only three to four restaurants to choose from, and more often than not, the food is bad. Well, here’s your solution. Just register an account, choose your location and bam! You get lots of restaurant choices to choose from, and from there, you just have to checkout and wait for your food to arrive at your doorstep. Unless it rains, then, well, nothing is ever a certainty in KL. That’s why we have KL-timing.


We can’t emphasise enough how important it is for students to get this particular app, especially those who aren’t living at home but in dorms. Calling out to the ladies, SaveME999 POLIS is necessary for your safety and well-being, especially when you’re heading home late at night. The application is in the form of a ‘panic button’ for people to use during an emergency and will help the police to respond more quickly and accurately, which is extremely useful for students.

6. Photomath

Although I’m upset that this app did not exist when I needed it most, I figure this app could be extremely helpful for “square brains” like me. Photomath is an app that can help you calculate equations immediately by simply snapping a photo of it. It’s simple and really easy to use. Not only does it generate answers, it gives you a step-by-step instruction on the calculations. If you hate maths as much as I do, you definitely need this app. Unfortunately, there isn’t an exam hall in this world that would allow you to bring it in.

7. The Homework App

As an avid user of this app, I know for sure that The Homework App can be an absolute lifesaver for students who are forgetful and need to have their tasks and assignments mapped out clearly. Just type in when your assignments are due, label the subjects, and the app will keep track of all your due dates. It also helps you keep track of your timetable once you key in your class schedules.

8. Circle of 6

Another app that can ensure your safety—Circle of 6. With Circle of 6, you can designate six friends to be your trusted safety net if you find yourself in a threatening or potentially dangerous situation. In just two taps, Circle of 6 will send six of your close friends or family members a customisable alert message with your exact location. Using the app is a smart way to stay safe at parties, in town, or even on a date.

Do you think these applications are useful? Comment if you have any other suggestions for Malaysian students!