5 Spider Heroes We Want to See in the Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse Movie

Choo choo, All aboard the hype train! When Sony Pictures dropped that Marvel bomb which was the official trailer for Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse, everyone was shooked. It had everything a Spider-Man movie should have times a 100. Now that’s how you make a good trailer.

This is the first time ever that we get to see Miles Morales as Spider-Man on the big screen and tbh, we’re glad it’s animated. Why? Because filmmakers can put anything in there, like more than one Spider-Man. Or Spider-Woman.

Seeing a mid-30s Peter Parker from a different multiverse mentor young Miles is just a tease; the icing was Spider Gwen. In that moment, we knew there could be potential for more than one Spider-Man in the movie.

What we have for you here is a list of five Spider-Men we want to see, and why that’d be super sweet for the film.

Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

(source: Marvel)

It’ll be really cool to see Scarlet Spider in this movie, we think it’d play well with Miles’ learning process if the “other” Peter Parker is involved. If you’re not familiar with him, Ben Reilly was created from Peter’s DNA by the Jackal. This clone was made to fight off against Peter as part of Jackal’s torment.

His struggle with identity and purpose has always been cool to read about – a tragic character that’s in search of hope. Even his name was taken from Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s maiden name.

Spider-Man 2099

(source: Marvel)

Meet Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of year 2099. This version of the web crawler is probably one of the best, he looks menacing yet still Spidey-friendly. First introduced in ’92, Miguel’s Spider-Man became one of the more popular Spider-Men due to his extreme character design and attitude. There were a lot of crazy 2099’s characters–like Doom 2099 and The Punisher 2099–but this one stood out the most.


(source: Xionice/DeviantArt)

Jessica Drew is the daughter of deceased Hydra scientist Jonathan Drew and his wife Miriam Drew. She was later trained as an assassin of Hydra, until she rebelled against them and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Her backstory of having a dark past and bright future could be a cool element to see if she’s in the movie–maybe Miles can learn a thing or two about being judged by people.

And her powers are hella cool as well. Other than the basic spider powers, Jessica can shoot venom, secrete pheromone (to create fear, elicit attraction and/or repulsion on others) and has Logan’s regenerative healing factor.


(source: CBR)

Silk’s only been around since 2014, but her popularity proves that spider ladies are in-demand in comics. Cindy Moon is like a ninja version of the web slinger with claws. Fun fact, she may be one of the few that actually has an organic webbing ability. Sorry, Tobey Maguire.

Spider-Man Noir

(source: Marvel)

In the gaslight multiverse, there lies Spider-Man Noir! A man with spider powers seeking justice in New York–that’s probably how the 1920s would’ve introduced this version of Spider-Man. This is how Peter Parker’s life would look like if he existed during the Great Depression (millennials should take note).

The investigative web-crawling reporter does all things a Spider can, and add an extra 100 points for a cool costume and vintage revolver.

Although these heroes have appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, this film could give more depth to these characters. Anyway, we’re super excited for Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse but maybe that’s just our spidey sense tingling..

For now, let’s watch the trailer again:

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse swings to cinemas December 13 and for all things pop culture, stick with us here.