5 of the Best Comic Book Covers by the legendary Steve Ditko

Every comic book fan was shocked to hear the sad news of Steve Ditko’s passing. The New York Police Department confirmed his death, where was found dead in his apartment on June 29, at the age of 90. The lone artist was survived by his brother and nephew. He is believed never to have married.

If you’re a comic fan, especially a Spider-Man fan, then you’d know how much of a loss this is. He co-created Spider-Man and Dr. Strange with his friend Stan Lee and because of them, we recognise the web slinger until today.

Steve Ditko, being the great talent he was, had created so many amazing covers that inspired the artists that we have today. His imagination and style can only be appreciated and inspired from.

In honour of his legacy, we’ve decided to showcase the five best comic book covers by him and if we’re being totally honest, they might also fall under the “Best comic book covers ever made”.

How we first met Spider-Man

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One of the most famous comic book covers in history, Spider-Man’s debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962). Art by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Steve Ditko’s psychedelic Strange

Strange Tales #146

Marvel Studio’s Dr. Strange is inspired by Ditko’s psychedelic art in his Strange Tales run. Because of him, psychedelic art in comic books are cool.

DC Comic’s Hawk and Dove

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Although Ditko is famous for co-creating two of Marvel’s giant characters, let’s not forget his contributions to DC Comics where he created The Question and Hawk and Dove, which will have their own series soon.

Spidey’s Final Chapter aka Peak Ditko, according to del Toro

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It’s simple, it’s clean and it’s Ditko’s.

Steve Ditko’s first ever cover

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Ditko’s first ever cover wasn’t a spandex-clad hero, it was this terrifying, Weird Tales of Suspense and Horror – and it’s great.

Although Stan Lee is the face of Marvel, be it in pages or the ever expanding MCU – both Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko pioneered the aesthetics. If not for them, we wouldn’t be giddy over how cool Spider-Man looks, etc.

Filmmakers Edgar Wright, Guillermo del Toro and Dr. Strange director Scott Derrickson also paid tribute on Twitter upon learning the news of Ditko’s death.

Author Neil Gaiman also paid tribute, saying “I know I’m a different person because he was in this world.”

Gaiman’s right. Steve Ditko’s work over the years, from his days at Marvel Comics, DC Comics and beyond – remains an influence. Often copied, but never equalled.

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