5 New Foodie-Approved Joints at Ara Damansara

One thing that every Malaysian has in common is not knowing where to have lunch. We’ve all experienced this before, and it is truly is a challenge (especially when you’re starving). Fret not, JUICE got you covered. If you happen to be in Ara Damansara and you don’t know where to get your lunch (or dinner) fix, Citta Mall has a variety of restaurants that you can choose from.

1. Universal Noodle (Non-Halal)

source: www.citta.com.my

If you’re feeling Asian, head to Universal Noodle and try the highly recommended pork broth noodle. The portion’s big, and has everything you need in a bowl to keep your tummies happy even past lunch hour. We guarantee that you’d be full and satisfied by the end of the last slurp.

Don’t feel like eating anything soupy? Get the fried beehoon or mee instead because they’re equally good and satisfying.

Wash it down with their variety of Malaysian favourites such as the soya cincau, iced lemon tea; or if you wanna go basic, there’s always Chinese tea. It’s time for dessert already? Yay! Be sure to get the mango jelly or the almond tofu pudding to finish up your perfect lunch experience.

2. Mikey’s New York Pizza

source: www.citta.com.my

Pizza all day, every day! You can’t go wrong with pizza for lunch, especially New York style pizza. Where to have this specific one better than at Mikey’s New York Pizza? Step into the store and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported into a pizza joint in the concrete jungle of New York City, thanks to the wonderful interior and music.

Start by having the boneless buffalo wings with blue cheese dipping (yes, blue cheese!), the dip serves as a counterbalance to the tangy and spicy wings. Similarly, you can also check out the waffle fries that are named after cities in New York. The Manhattan is our personal favourite!

source: Mikey’s New York Pizza on facebook

At Mikey’s, the usual order is simply a single slice per person because of its generous size. You can choose toppings from the classic pepperoni, barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, and more. Feel like one slice isn’t enough? Well, get the pie and share (or not). It’s going to fill you up just right before dinner, and you can also get creative by adding the boneless buffalo wings as a pizza topping (if you’re up for an adventure), including the blue cheese as well! Yums.

source: Mikeys New York Pizza on Facebook

3. Marrybrown

source: www.citta.com.my

Wait, do you mean the Marrybrown that we used to see outside of KL? Yes, that Marrybrown! They have a brand new look and a menu updated to today’s latest food trends – nasi lemak burger, sate burger, you name it.

The menu offers family favourites like the crispy chicken, sate burger, mi kari and more. Best yet, they have the new Nasi Lemak Burger Asli (for those of you who’ve been itching to try the unconventional burger).

True to its name, the Nasi Lemak Burger Asli is as asli as it can get – nasi lemak sandwiched between burger buns – whoever thought of this is simply a genius! The sambal fries are topped with sambal (of course), mayonnaise, and crunchy peanuts. We were pretty skeptical about it at first, but after having the combo meal, we definitely recommend that you try this monster out.

4. Curries N’ Claws

Mhmmmm… Banana Leaf Rice! That’s the beautiful thing about living in Malaysia, the cultural diversity – especially in food! If you’re a big fan of banana leaf rice (and crabs!), then Curries N’ Claws is the right place for you.

Their curries and meat selection are a little different with crab, squid and cockles curries on menu. Try their famous curry crab (if you haven’t already) with their authentic briyani rice and get the plain or mango lassi to cool you down from the spices.

What a thing of beauty

5. Geláre

If there’s one thing in life that will never fail you, it’s good ice cream. Make sure to stop by Geláre after your big lunch and treat yourself to some ice cream or if you feel like sitting down and having more than just an ice cream, there’s always waffles. They use all natural sans preservatives, colouring and stabilisers. Try one of the bestselling classic flavours such as the Vanilla Bean, Oregon Mint Fudge and the Macadamia Nut. You’ll be sure to scream for more Geláre’s ice cream after a scoop or two.

The heart never lies

With these choices, your only struggle is to choose one of them! You’re welcome, guys.