The Neverending Debate: Is 1Utama Called ‘1U’ or ‘OU’? 1Utama Admin Says it’s ‘1U’

source: Asia Web DIrect

As if there’s nothing better to debate about, Twitterjaya was in a full-on discussion about what’s the correct abbreviation for 1 Utama Shopping Mall – is it 1U or OU?

Twitter user Mel, sparked the conversation on 21 October 2019. You know Malaysians, we’ll never stand down.

Since it’s original post, the tweet has now gotten over 3.5K retweets, 2.6K likes and over 3,000 comments!

People were quick to give explanation on why they think it’s called ‘1U’ or ‘OU’, but some people just went straight to the point.

A user claimed the OGs call it ‘1U’, while one user said since the dawn of time, it’s called ‘OU’.

No one wanted to back down, ’cause that’s how Malaysians roll but the official 1 Utama Twitter account joined the debate and ended it once and for all…

While some of you strongly hold to the notion that it’s called ‘OU’ instead of ‘1U’, this writer has always called it 1U because… logic 🤓

It’s in the mall’s logo, guys and gals!

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