22/02/2022: What Is So Special About Today’s Date And Why Should We Care About It?

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What's Twosday and is it the luckiest palindrome day in a millennium?

Tuesday marks the 22nd day of February, or 22.2.22 and many people across social media have already coined the special day as “Twosday.”

More than a decade ago we saw two “Onesdays” with 11.1.11 and 11.11.11.

This century there have been 11 other months with similar patterns, such as 02.02.02 and 12.12.12. In 11 years we’ll be treated to “Threesday” (3.3.33) and “Foursday” another 11 years after that (4.4.44).

However, it will be for future generations to enjoy a full flush of twos on Twosday as the next one is centuries away.

Sadly for the people of the future though, that particularly special Twosday in the year 2222 will fall on a Friday. That will be the last time there is a full line up of twos until February 22, 22222, exactly 20,000 years later.

Meanwhile, Google celebrated Twosday with an eruption of confetti and twos on searching for the word.

People have evolved to find meaning in patterns as a survival instinct. This helped hunters track animals as they lived a more nomadic lifestyle.

It also came in handy when checking for nearby predators that could have endangered them. The same could be said for those able to use patterns to detect poisonous plants from healthy ones.

70,000 years ago, a nomadic star came within a light-year of the Sun. New research suggests this close pass sent dozens of comets and asteroids tumbling out of the solar system. :

Dates such as these often give way to pseudoscience and theories of a higher meaning, sometimes connected to the cosmos. This happens because humans want to find the meaning in the numbers they see, as well as being curious about the world we live in.

If you’re an astrology person, Twosday has ties to the angel number 222 and what it means – change.

According to HITC, here’s a few things you could do to manifest your energies through the portal (if you believe in that stuff).

  • Make up your mind about what you need and be clear about what you want to manifest.
  • List down the aspects you want to focus your energy on such as health, finance, and more.
  • Visualise the factors you are channeling your energies on.
  • Your intentions should be followed by actions to see if the energy portal really worked.

But hey, I’m no expert and I personally just think its cool that Twosday’s date is referred to as asymmetrical or palindrome. I’m just surprised the kpop band Twice isn’t trending right now, or that there aren’t many Buy 2 Get 2 deals out there.

The Origin Of Marriage And Wedding Dresses - Wedding Traditions And The History Behind Them - Guru Lex

But some are taking the opportunity of this special date to get hitched, especially in Singapore.

As of January 24, 483 couples had registered with the Registry of Marriages to get married on the February 22, according to the South China Morning Post.

No matter what you choose to do on this day, or whatever significance you hold to it, just make sure not to believe apocalyptic theories going on out there, let’s not forget all the 12/12/12 theories..

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