2 Women Who Claim To Be Princesses From An Unrecognised Empire Have Been Detained in Malaysia For 13 Years

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source: South China Morning Post

13 years ago, two ‘princesses’ by the name of Fathia Reza and Lamira Roro, also known as Her Imperial Majesty Crown Princess and Her Imperial Majesty Princess in their passports (they even have tiaras!), were detained in Malaysia for claiming they were royalty in what seems to be a made-up kingdom and ultimately having no documents to prove it.

They arrived in Sarawak with passports that stated they were from the Sunda Empire, also called the Earth Empire, or Empire of the Sun, which is currently unrecognised in Malaysia.

source: The Rakyat Post

Refusing to label themselves as Indonesian, these princesses were deemed stateless by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, hence leading to their detainment at the border. After many attempts at investigating their true citizenship, the two sisters still denied Indonesian nationality. Due to this, Malaysia is unable to deport them back to Indonesia.

The sisters, who are fluent in English, Dutch and French, were 23 and 21 years old at the time, making them 36 and 34 years old today.

source: SAYS

Apparently, their father is the Grand Prime Minister of Sunda Empire, making his wife (their mother) Her Royal Imperial Highness. Despite being royalty, trouble never ceases to follow them since both mother and father have been arrested and charged for fraud in Indonesia prior to their daughters’ arrest.

source: CNN Indonesia

Other than the Sunda Empire, it seems that fictional kingdoms are becoming somewhat of a trend in Indonesia with the emergence of another empire named Keraton Agong Sejagat. This has aroused suspicion within academics and historical researchers who believe creating fake kingdoms could potentially lead to abuse of power and grand deception.

source: SAYS

With the two princesses being detained for more than a decade, it does beg the question: Why would their empire not fight tooth and nail for them to return to their rightful throne? And how can the supposed patriarch and monarch of the Sunda Empire not have any power over their daughters’ detainment?

Perhaps there’s more to this story than meets the eye, but until then…

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