13y/o Girl Suffering From DDH In Need Of RM40,000 For a Chance To Walk Normally Again


13-year-old Nur Wardina Aqila Azrur Hisyam suffers from right development dysplasia (DDH) of the hip and is currently needing RM40,000 for surgery.

Wardina is unable to walk normally and spends most of her time sitting because of her condition.

The family noticed her right leg was shorter than her left at a young age which was caused by the disease.

Her father, Azrur Hisyam Ahmad Noor Din said that Wardina grew up feeling depressed most of the time because she was unable to join her friends playing in school.

Source: NST

The keropok lekor seller said his daughter felt down most of the time as she was unable to play with her peers.

Speaking to NST, Azrur said, “At the school, she spent less time with her friends. We can see she is unhappy and we tried our best to get her some help.”

He said that Wardina was often taken to a government hospital in Kuantan at just 10 years old and was later referred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL).

“But, they too were unable to help her,” he said.

Source: smarterhealth

She was referred to Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment recently and told that she needs to undergo a surgery which costs RM40,000.

Consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon Dr Abd Razak Muhammad said a two-stage procedure is needed to help Wardina.

The procedure of the first surgery includes an open reduction right hip, femoral and pelvic osteotomy and application of hip spica. The second surgery which will be conducted six weeks later where manipulation of the right hip and application of hip spica will be done.

“After the operation, the area will be cemented to ensure the recovery process for three months.

“Following that, she will go for physiotherapy up to six months before she can walk normally.

“InsyaAllah (God willing) she can recover,” he said.

To those who are interested in helping Wardina walk normally again can send donations to Media Prima-New Straits Times Press (NSTP) Humanitarian Fund Maybank 5141-0532-3170.