13-Year-Old M’sian Teen Decides To Spend Merdeka Day Stuck In A Room With 5 Pythons

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Teen to coil up with snakes for National Day | The Star
source: The Star

Merdeka Day is approaching but not everyone is in high spirits this year especially because of the way we have been living in isolation and facing the tumultuous political ups and downs.

However, one teen named Adam Harith Mohd Ridzuan is making headlines for deciding to celebrate our national day in the oddest way possible.

The 13-year-old is looking forward to spending Merdeka with 5 pythons in his room for 6 hours and 40 minutes, breaking his previous record.

According to Harian Metro, Adam is going to read books, finish his homework and play video games during that period of time.

If you feel alarmed (because a teen stuck in a room with pythons should arouse some concern), Adam is actually very accustomed to snakes since he’s been playing with them since he was a little boy.

He says that the goal of spending time with them would be to raise awareness on snakes and how they can be loved, just like any other creature. It just takes a whole lotta bravery…

source: The Vocket

For any snake enthusiast reading this, Adam will be stuck in his room with reticulated and burmese pythons. Among the two, the reticulated python is considered more dangerous since it will bite and constrict humans if it feels threatened.

The two pythons weigh 100kg to 300kg, spanning 8 metres long.

Before this happens, Adam will be preparing safety measures and observing the snakes to make sure all goes well on national day.

Timothy Treadwell Devoted His Life To Grizzly Bears, Until They Ate Him
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Loving animals is all fine and dandy but there is a massive caveat to loving wild creatures.

If any of you have seen the documentary Grizzly Man, which depicts the life and tragic death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell, then you’d know that we can love these animals with our whole heart but it does not change the hierarchy of the animal kingdom.

Love animals but love yourself and put your safety first, always.

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