A Day To Remember: Bridegroom’s 12 Ex-GFs Unceremoniously Crash His Wedding Ceremony

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source: GQ

Happy Valentine’s Day dear reader! Can you smell the love in the air? That might just be a gas leak but in the spirit of Valentine’s, let’s talk about love baby ❤️

What’s the grandest gesture to show your partner who’s been with you for years through thick and thin? The answer might vary depending on who you ask but wifing them up is definitely up there.

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Alas, love is tricky. Typically, most people would have had previous relationships before finding “the one”. But do we ever really think of how we affected our past lovers?

For the most part, the answer to that question is a big fat NO.

But after this bridegroom got confronted by 12 angry ex-girlfriends at his wedding ceremony, it might be a good time to start reassessing how much breakups can affect your exes’ psyche.

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According to The Star, the aforementioned groom and his bride hailing from China’s Yunnan province were met with the fury of a dozen jilted exes on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives.

The 12 women made a surprise appearance to their ex’s wedding reception equipped with a large red banner that read “We are the team of Chen’s ex-girlfriends, today we will destroy you”. (Yikes)

Groom’s exes holding up the banner | source: SCMP

The group of exes even formed a human barricade in front of the couple’s house, preventing visitors from attending the “welcoming the bride” ceremony.

Initially, friends and family in attendance believed the ordeal to be a simple prank until they found out that all those women were in fact the groom’s old flames.

*For illustrative purposes only | source: DWP Insider

Known only by his surname Chen, the groom later admitted that he was guilty of mistreating his previous lovers but did not expect things to escalate the way they did, especially not on his wedding day.

Whatever the motive of his exes were, both Chen’s bride and in-laws are now giving him the silent treatment until he provides them with a proper explanation of why that ordeal unfolded.

Understandably, Chen mentioned that he is unsure on how to approach the situation. That’s your candle to handle Chen so all I can say is best of luck buddy and Happy Valentine’s Day!