Survey Shows M’sian Couples Are Among The Happiest Globally, But With Low Sexual Satisfaction

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source: American Psychological Association

Are you happy with your relationship? How are things in bed?

According to a recently published Ipsos survey, if you’re Malaysian, your partner’s probably doing a great job making you feel loved… Though you may have some trouble finishing.

According to the report, 90% of Malaysians claim their relationships with their spouses or partners are fulfilling. As a result, they have one of the highest rates of relationship satisfaction worldwide.

The greatest degree of satisfaction was expressed by couples in Indonesia and the Netherlands (94%), while couples in Italy (76%), South Korea (73%) and Japan (70%), indicated the poorest satisfaction scores.

Beyond the global average of 76%, the survey suggests that 80% of Malaysians also feel loved in their intimate relations.

Contrastingly, the ‘satisfaction’ only falls short where sexual fulfilment is concerned; only 57% of Malaysian adults reported being content with their romantic or sexual lives, ranking them among the lowest across the globe.

With only 34% in the segment, Japan contributes to the lowest rank of sexual satisfaction in the survey, leaving them with the lowest overall score.

Meanwhile, Indonesia stood tall with a sexual fulfilment rank of 75%. When coupled with their relationship satisfaction score of 94%, it’s clear to see that the Indonesians questioned through this survey are among the happiest of lovers.

Ipsos clarified that 22,508 adults from 32 countries participated in the study, which also found that Boomers (80%) are more likely than Gen Xers (75%), Millennials (76%), and Gen Zers (76%), to report feeling loved.

In line with that, when compared with people from middle and low-income homes (82% and 80%, respectively) and people with a middle or lower educational background (82% and 80%, respectively), those from high-income households (87%) and those who obtained a higher education (86%) are marginally more probable to be content with their relationship with their partner or spouse.

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Interestingly, there is no discernible difference between men and women’s satisfaction with their romantic lives on a global scale.

The report simply states that “men and women are almost equally likely to be content with their romantic or sex life (63% for both), with their spouse or partner, if they have one (85% for men and 83% for women), and with how much they feel loved (75% for men and 76% for women).”

Read the full report here!

Featured image: Stock photo by Adobe Stock.