10 Things Every College Kid Starts Questioning When They Move Out

Without realising it, you’re already heading off to college and moving into a dorm. You get a new roommate and you start settling into an all-new environment, but that’s also when you realise… You know nothing Jon Snow.

That’s college for you right there, you go in knowing nothing at all.

Here is a list of questions that every college kid out there has wondered out loud at some point before:

1. I will eventually get tired of eating mamak food/MCD everyday, right?

Tell me you can relate to this, we wouldn’t know how to survive without them.

2. I mean, it’s totally okay to do my laundry once a week, right?

“I’ll do it tomorrow”, yeah…we’ve all heard that before buddy, but your clothes are still spilling out of that basket over there a week later.

3. Wait… We ran out of toilet paper already?

Did we even use so much toilet paper back at home? (Yes, we did)

4. Why did I even agree to having a roommate in the first place?

You know you’ve thought about this once or twice, you know when you’re picking up all the damn hair on the floor and mentally pushing them over the window when you realise your favourite bag of chips are gone.

5. Should I call home to explain how stressed I’ve been lately? But they would only get worried… Right?

Ahh, those nights when you feel like the entire world is on your shoulders yet you can’t talk about it to anyone except your family. But you know your mom will just worry herself sick so you end up just keeping it to yourself after all. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

6. Do I really even know how to cook? I swear I did back at home.

Remember kids, the microwave is your best friend, and instant noodles are your lifesavers.

7. Wait, it’s 5AM already? What, when, and how?

Back at home, your parents would probably murder you if you’re not asleep by 12AM, and you’d have to go through another lecture about saving your kidneys. Now that there’s no such thing as curfews, there’s no such thing as bedtime either.


8. How did I even wake up at 6AM everyday, for 7 hours of class back in high school?

Seriously though, how did we do it? Now, it’s almost impossible for us to wake up any time before 8AM and sit through a two hour lecture. Oh how the tables have turned.

9. Where did all my money go?

I swear, I only ate a couple of meals and maybe watched a movie or two in between.

10. It’s totally fine to miss home this much, right?

You’ll probably never admit it, but the smallest things remind you of home all the time, and you fight through the semester knowing that home will be at the end of the finish line.

Hang in there buddy, you’ll be home real soon.