This Shared Office Will Be The First Ever Pet-Friendly Workspace in Malaysia

(source: Common Ground)

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, hanging out with your furry friend is daily necessity, and for many families, a pet is like another child. But as much as everyone loves their fluffy balls of love, pets are strictly prohibited from offices across Malaysia… ’til now. Shared office, Common Ground, which recently opened in Petaling Jaya, encourages you to bring Fido or Chomel along for work.


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You might have seen Common Ground popping around your neighbourhood and thought it was a café. Ekk! You’re wrong. It’s actually the largest leading co-working space. That means, it’s a shared office that anyone can use. They could provide you with a hot desk or whole office depending on what you need.

With more than 10 offices around Klang Valley, their offices are modern and look the part. And now, at the latest Common Ground office that opened up at The Square – Jaya One, in PJ, pet-owners are allowed to bring their furry babies! Think about it.. everyday can be a “bring-your-pet-to-work” day..

(source: Common Ground)

The office space is nestled within an enclave of retail, dining, entertainment, business suites, and educational centres–best of all, most businesses at Jaya One are also pet-friendly. It is easily accessible via the Asia Jaya LRT Station and Rapid KL Buses, and is a 15-minute drive from major highways like LDP, Sprint, Kerinchi and Federal.

Besides the pet-friendly accommodation, the Jaya One Common Ground has an in-house café, lounge, pantry, a nap room, discussion rooms, board rooms, an event space.. basically everything that a practical office needs.

As for the pricing, a hot desk (one person) is RM499 per month, a fixed desk (one person) is RM599 per month and if you need a whole private office, it’ll be RM799 per seat/per month.

Now to convince your boss that this is the purrrfect way to increase productivity while de-stressing employees…

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