Experience Vintage Ambiance and Comfort Food at Fu Luck Bar

TREC KL, 438 Jalan Tun Razak (Electric Boulevard block)
​50400 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 12-3:30pm (Monday to Friday), 5-3:30pm (Saturday), 5pm-2:30pm (Sunday)

T: 03 21106938 ​

It’s uncommon to go to a bar and find dim sum in the tapas menu, but that’s exactly what Fu Luck Bar offers – TREC’s latest hang out spot. Equipped with not just a refreshing menu, Fu Luck Bar also comes with plenty of surprises that make it one of the more refreshing venues to open at the populated stretch of Jalan Tun Razak.

Situated beside Arte Bar, Fu Luck is where the grown ups come to chill. Its understatedly laidback, but with a contrastingly loud and colourful interior that showcases the bar’s oriental vintage theme.

Set against a backdrop of 70s and 80s aesthetics, the walls and ceiling of Fu Luck exhibits handpainted art by urban art artists Graeme “Jay” Hammond from Australia, and Idris Johor from Singapore – the duo behind Singapore’s Bohemian street, Haji Lane, and some of its venues.

Similarly, the quirky decoration items that adorn Fu Luck are sourced from Bali, Singapore, and Malaysia, which are then re-constructed by hand. It’s not hard to imagine the bar packing up with people, especially active Instagrammers and art lovers who can appreciate the venue’s sensibly curated space.

With a name that goes hand in hand with its interior, Fu Luck means prosperity and happiness in Mandarin, but ‘pants down’ in Cantonese – a tongue-in-cheek translation befitting the bar’s music nights on weekends. Music play a huge part at Fu Luck, so expect to get down and dirty with playlists that range from Mandarin jazz to bar tunes, curated by Berlin-based DJ Kavan Spruyt of Midnight Shift.

“Fu Luck Bar has been carefully curated from its interior, music and right down to the menus, staying true to its intended theme so it stands out distinctively. Certain elements of decor changes every eight to nine months,” shared Cher Ng, co-founder of TREC.

If you think that Fu Luck is just a bar with strong aesthetics, then you’re up for a delightful surprise – thanks to Raymond Lim’s F&B programme that fuses the old and new into delicious cocktails that tastes as good as it looks. Other than running Restaurant Lifestyle Asia, Lim was also director of Le Amis Group.

On cocktails and drinks, Lim said: “The beverage program is drawn from the 80’s cultural lexicons such as white rabbit candy, creating a series of cocktails that combines tropical flavours with familiar spirits.”

Double Happiness (Source: Andy Kho)
My Fair Lady (Source: Andy Kho)

Classic and signature cocktails are priced at RM32, if you’re up for a concoction that does its job. But a visit to Fu Luck is not complete without a taste of their Ice Kacang cocktails (RM35) that come with a Bacardi base, topped with fruits and jelly.

Ice Kacang cocktail (Source: Andy Kho)

When it comes to food, Lim’s introduction of oriental tapas (RM12.90), together with homely comfort food instantly makes the place a reliable eatery that serves quality food at a justifiable price range. “Traditionally enjoyed in the day, dim sum is casted here as an oriental tapas concept, riding on the ubiquitous ‘sharing plates’ trend which is the rage now from New York to Delhi,” said Lim.

Spam Fries (Source: Andy Kho)

We had a taste of their steamed Siew Mai, which was juicy and bigger than usual. The ‘baowich sliders’ (RM14.90) – a cross between a mantou bao and sandwich – are equally flavourful with enough content to keep you full throughout the night.

Steamed Pork Dumplings aka Siew Mai (Source: Andy Kho)

For the hungrier customer, you’ll be glad to know that Fu Luck is the only bar that serves wanton noodles from a Malaysian heritage brand – the 62-year-old Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee. The bar also serves fried rice, noodles, and pork belly, among other things.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice (Source: Andy Kho)
Wanton Char Siew Mee (Source: Andy Kho)

Being a part of the crowd at Fu Luck Bar reminds us of family gatherings in traditional Chinese eateries, except for the snazzier and livelier atmosphere of TREC.

There’s so much to absorb at this vibrant space that’s nostalgic yet modern, but the main attraction of Fu Luck Bar would have be the food that makes you feel at home, and the fun Ice Kacang cocktails that takes you back to a neighbourhood kopitiam – with an extra buzz of course.

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