Struggling to Move On? This Zoo in Texas Lets You Name Cockroaches After Your Ex

Image for illustration purposes only. (source: freepik)

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, have you secured yourself a date?

If the answer is no and you find yourself still navigating the aftermath of a past relationship, there’s a fun little fundraising event that you might want to consider participating in.

Cry Me A Cockroach

(source: Texas State Historical Association)

Back with its unconventional programme, a zoo in Texas, USA, has begun receiving submissions for its famous quirky annual event that allows visitors to name a cockroach, a vegetable, or even a rat with the names of their ex-partners.

Located in Central Texas, the San Antonio Zoo has been running a successful global fundraising programme known as the ‘Cry Me a Cockroach Fund’ for the past few years.

(source: San Antonio Zoo)

“With the return of the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser, where participants symbolically name a roach after their exes as a meal for the zoo’s animal residents, get ready to experience the wildest Valentine’s season yet!

“With a range of exciting offerings and events designed for those in love, out of love, or searching for love, there’s something for everyone across the globe,” said the zoo on its website.

Those interested in participating in this campaign can make a donation of USD5 (RM23.59) for a vegetable, USD10 (RM47.17) for naming a cockroach, or USD25 (RM117.94) for naming a rat through the zoo’s official website.

The expansive zoo, spanning over 20.23 hectares, also boasts a diverse collection of 720 species, including some endangered animals, and consistently draws in over a million visitors annually.

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