Zee Avi Homecoming Tour @ KL Live

Thursday 17 November marked Zee Avi’s triumphant return to Malaysian shores with a breathtaking performance at KL Live. With Imran, drummer of punk outfit One Buck Short, performing under his solo moniker Narmi as the opening act, the night was sure to confirm that local acoustic talent is on the upswing.

Lines of over 1000 eager fans snaked the entrance of the building as they waited in anticipation for the show, and they were not to be disappointed. The talented songstress, accompanied by a three-piece band, took the audience in like a musical embrace, playing songs off her first, self-titled album, as well as some off of the recently released LP Ghost Bird.

An intimate showcase with a carefree atmosphere had the crowd singing and dancing along like free spirits to Zee Avi’s contemporary folk tunes. Many even chose to take seats on the (less than regal) floor of the complex, allowing for ample space and comfort in which to kick back and soak up the good vibes and great tunes. Not one to be outshone by the obscure instruments she sang alongside (was that a sape? bongos? a double bass?) the artist herself joined in, contributing the different musical components to many of her tracks. Alternating between singing, smacking jumbo-sized drums, and blasting miniature trumpets (to name a few), Zee Avi managed to dispel any critics’ doubts; proving she not only has some serious musical talent, but can simultaneously retain an effortless nymph-like presence on stage.

Bubbly with excitement as she addressed the audience, it’s easy to see how Zee Avi’s charismatic demeanour and soulful voice caught the attention of music execs the world over. It was YouTube fame after all which lead her on a whirlwind journey of performing and recording, and finally back to be on stage before her former home base, here in Kuala Lumpur. Proceeding from her KL Live show to gigs in both Penang and Serawak, the singer truly illustrated she hasn’t forgotten her roots with this comprehensive, and musically endearing, Homecoming Tour.

Zee Avi charmed our socks off @ KL Live on 17 November 2011. Check out the photos here.