The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: A Danish Space Odyssey

We talked to principle songwriter and producer of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Lars Iversen, about their future plans, their penchant for appearing on TV, movies, and ads, and tips for people travelling to Denmark (hint: don’t visit The Little Mermaid).


The Naked and Famous: Audio-Visual Relationships

JUICE last spoke to Kiwi indie rockers The Naked And Famous (TNAF) in early 2k11 amidst the chaos of the Gold Coast Big Day Out. Since then they’ve traipsed across the globe and made true to at least one half of their name by becoming ridiculously famous. No nudity has been observed as yet. We […]


Deerhoof: Happy Accident

Deerhoof has been around for nearly two decades but for some reason, the San Franciscan quartet always seem younger its vintage. The band isn’t in the habit of Madonna-style reinvention, but it is true that every single album over the 11-LP discography sounds radically different and displays stunning invention, culminating in the highly regarded Deerhoof vs. Evil.


Wall Street Bar

Occupy Wall Street during happy hours!


Turmspringer: Berlin State Of Mind

Berlin can change your life, or at least that’s what happened to the boys behind Turmspringer.


Talk: Bigger Than Hip Hop

Dubstep is so huge right now that even Justin Bieber wants a piece of the action for his upcoming album. Independent PR collective and local dance scene pushers, deck time stories, explores if this means good news for the scene…


The Comedy: Hipster Existentialism

Why we are about to show you a video of Hipsters Rapping In A Cab


Lapsap Private Pool Party III

IMAGES Paulius Staniunas (All Is Amazing)


What Went Down: Lapsap Private Pool Party III

IMAGE Ridduan Ismail As the blinding hangovers of the previous night’s escapades at the 4 hour Lapsap set or sake soaked Deer Society death began to dawn, out came the Sunday sun, and with it another day to party. But you can’t get KL club kids out of bed before sundown for just anything. The […]


Erykah Badu Ticket Giveaway!

The promise of a great year for international acts in KL continues as we welcome Erykah Badu to our shores this February. This will be Badu’s premier performance in South East Asia, and as an icon in the industry, we’re expecting her to bring it. If you want the chance to see Erykah Badu perform […]