Youtuber Causes Outrage by Offering Money & Pizza to Stop People From Fasting

(source: Tribunnews)

According to The Star, an Indonesian Youtuber has sparked outrage in the Muslim-majority country after he uploaded a video in which he tempted people to break their fast in the middle of the day during Ramadan in exchange for pizza and 10 million rupiah (RM2,836).

On 27 April, Hasan Abdillah, who goes by Hasanjr11 on his YouTube channel, posted the 10-minute video where he approached three relatively low-income individuals and one group of children on the first day of Ramadan while secretly recording his conversations with them.

The “challenge” was to break their Ramadhan fast by eating the pizza that’s with him and in return, they will get all the money in a briefcase. Kononnya, Hasan wanted to test the faith of people to see if they would be tempted to cancel fasting for money.

(source: The Star)

In the now-removed video, hasanjr11 first approached a farmer and offered him the deal. The farmer, visibly conflicted, eventually refused the offer even after having picked up a slice of pizza.

Similarly, he approached a street cleaner and an employee at a swimming pool, who were also steadfast in their refusal of the offer.


As for the small group of children, they ran away when Hassam came up – lmao, the kids know what’s up!

At the end of each encounter, Hasan claimed that he offered them an undisclosed amount of money in an envelope as a ‘reward’ for not breaking their fast even when they were offered money to do so.

Indonesian netizens were outraged by this video as many deemed it disrespectful. One Twitter user said, “It seems like this Ramadhan, demons are not in lockdown. Instead, they are working from home through Hassanjr11’s body”.

Ever since the backlash, Hasan has removed the video from his YouTube channel and posted an apology on Instagram. He said he would take all the comments as a lesson to improve on his content.

Based on his track record, we’re not sure though…

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