Your Favourite TV Shows and Movies Reformatted as VHS Tapes

source: Stan VHS

As we all know, trends move in a cycle– from creating the new to the adoption of the old into something new; it’s tireless. Just like how there’s a slight resurgence in the interest of crate digging for vinyls, it seems that the archaic VHS tapes are making a comeback. Some of us here are too young to experience the quaint nostalgia of the video home system but a Parisian who goes by the name Stan is reminding all of us that tapes are the way to go. Inspired by Michel Gondry’s film Be Kind Rewind, where the characters had to refilm all the movies that were erased from the tapes of their store, Stan does almost the same by engaging a fellow VHS fiend to “convert Blu-ray and then re-recorded [them] on VHS” while also orchestrating movie nights called VHS is not HS! The outpouring of support has led Stan to plan for a Kickstarter campaign for his own video store, just like the movie that inspired him…

… wait, what? This was all a damned April Fools hoax? Oh well, at least the cruel joke begot these amazing retro VHS box art.

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