You’d Be Surprise At How Gross Malaysians Can Be, Even At Home

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Humans are disgusting creatures. There, I said it.

From NEVER wiping our phones to using the same bedsheets for months, the list of dirty habits we have is endless.

source: SAYS/YouTube

I once had a housemate who thought pouring used cooking oildown the sink was a good idea. He insisted that the “process” of disposing it responsibly was too much trouble.

source: SAYS/YouTube

I wonder if he ever realised the damage it does to the environment and how difficult it must be for the workers who clean the sewage pipelines. So inconsiderate.   

GUYS. It really isn’t that difficult to be clean and dispose our waste properly! Please, please be cleaner and don’t do these three things, ok?

Flushing condoms and sanitary pads down the toilet bowl?!

source: SAYS/YouTube

First of all, these items are not biodegradable. So, they end up getting stuck in the sewage pipes if you were to flush them down the toilet and the process of cleaning and unclogging the pipes is both expensive and dangerous.

In the end, it’s our national sewerage company, Indah Water, that has to clean up all this mess. So, please be considerate and cleaner! 😀

source: SAYS/YouTube

This story was originally published on SAYS.